It’s sad when the best thing you can say about a restaurant is that the waitress had a good personality. The second best thing was the nachos. That’s never a good sign for a barbecue place.

Our group of eight dined at Dixie’s on Grand, located in St. Paul, MN on a Thursday night and it was dead. Maybe that should have been a sign for us to go elsewhere. The menu sounded promising, but was executed poorly. We dined family style, ordering two orders of the BBQ feast sampler. Both the St. Louis style and baby back ribs were bone dry. They were overcooked and charred beyond  belief. The sampler included every type of chicken imaginable: BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, pulled chicken, and chicken chili. The pulled pork may have been the best item on the platter.

We tried all the sides and none were memorable, although the fries and mashed potatoes were decent.

Dessert was equally bad/forgettable. The chocolate cake was like something you would get from a grocery store, topped with way too much whipped cream. The pecan pie was lacking pecans and had a weird, dry texture. I can easily make a better pecan pie at home. At least the waitress provided some laughs and the company was outstanding.

2 Stars

695 Grand Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
(651) 222-7345

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