What better way to wash down the food from Yayo Taco (a couple doors down) than with a waffle ice cream sandwich from The Lunch Box? It’s as good as everyone says it is. The made to order waffle is light, delicate and crunchy. A perfect contrast to the deliciously smooth and creamy chocolate malt crunch ice cream. A half order (using one waffle) is $2.65 and a whole order (using two waffles) is $4.25. It’s absolutely brilliant in its simplicity and execution and is worth the drive to get it no matter where you live in the valley.

The ice cream flavors vary, but vanilla is always one of three available. Thrifty ice cream is the brand of choice, which will make many Californians happy.

Aside from the waffle ice cream sandwiches, The Lunch Box is known for their hot dogs. I’ve never been a fan of hot dogs, so chances are, if I return it’ll be for another sweet treat.

5 Stars

4632 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 482-9890

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