If there’s a restaurant in Vegas that has a more fun, casual atmosphere with good food at reasonable prices, I’m not aware of it. It took me five years of living here before finally making my first visit and I’m kicking myself for not getting here sooner. There’s nothing “classy” about Hot N Juicy — it’s a place where you have to wear a plastic bib, after all — but it’s a great place for a group night out featuring family-style eats and beer in a lively environment.

The biggest downfall might be the wait. Even on the Sunday night we went there was at least a half an hour wait. Inside, they have a few seats where you can wait and peruse a wall adorned with polaroid shots of happy diners. Outside, there were plenty of other parties waiting for tables. Tables are packed closely together so chances are you might get to know some of your dining neighbors. Several flatscreen TVs were scattered around the room, but all had fuzzy reception.

All the seafood comes in plastic bags and you get to choose the seasoning (Louisiana style, juicy cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper, or Hot N Juicy special) and spice level. The food highlight of the night was the large and meaty king crab legs. The snow crab legs were also delicious with their sweet and tender meat. The shrimp, still with head and legs on, were large and perfectly cooked. My least favorite was the crawfish. They weren’t bad, but they required the most work for the least amount of meat. Maybe I’m just lazy, but next time I’ll stick with the crabs and shrimp. For sides, the corn was tasty and the corn fritters so good that we had to get a second order.

If you don’t mind getting a little messy this place is worth a visit. The bibs and mounds of shells make for a great photo op. Just be warned that you’ll wreak of seasoning for days. I washed my hands repeatedly, but could still smell the garlic the next day.

5 Stars

4810 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 891-8889

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