I prefer the food at Hot N Juicy, but the atmosphere/interior of the Boiling Crab is tops (at least compared to the original HNJ location, I haven’t been to their new location yet).

The shrimp (about $10 a pound) was large. They still had their heads on, which can make for an interesting experience. I ripped one off and all the brains and extra stuff exploded all over me. Luckily I had their plastic bib on. The king crabs were excellent (roughly $25 per pound). It’s tough to ever be disappointed with king crabs as long as their not overcooked. You get to choose the seasoning and spice level for each item ordered and we opted for “the whole sha-bang” with both. That’s a mixture of all their seasonings — rajun cajun, lemon pepper, and garlic pepper. If you love garlic as much as I, then you’ll love how they have chunks of garlic in there. It made for a great dipping sauce. We also got corn and potatoes. Dip that stuff in the sauce and cover in garlic and you’ll be in heaven.

The place is huge. Plenty of tables, chairs and booths and TVs everywhere. It’s a great place to watch football or just hang out with a group. They get extra points for having HD, unlike HNJ, where the reception was nothing but static. Don’t come here thinking it’s fine dining, this is the type of place where they throw a large sheet of paper on the table in lieu of a tablecloth and there’s graffiti decorating the walls. It’s not fancy, but comfortable and fun. They have several other locations in California and Texas.

4 Stars

4025 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 386-0808

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