Double Helix is one of the few non-chain restaurants at Town Square, although they do have another location — their original one — at the Palazzo on the Strip and a sister restaurant, Bottles & Burgers, at Tivoli Village. Their laid back and loungey atmosphere also set them apart from the loud, migraine-inducing madness of places like Blue Martini, Yardhouse, and Miller’s Ale House.

The interior is dark and cozy. Perfect for a date night or an intimate gathering of friends. They’ve got a small patio with a fire pit that overlooks the movie theater and the Yardhouse. If you go early enough in the afternoon/evening, as we did, it’s not a bad place for families since it’s quieter and less frenetic than the surrounding restaurants. They also have some decent happy hour specials for small plates, wine and cocktails.

Here’s what we had:
Arancini ($9) – risotto fritters with mascarpone, roasted mushroom, white truffle aioli. Just as good as the ones at Bottles & Burgers.

Olive poppers ($6) – crispy olives stuffed with chorizo and honey goat cheese. Small, but good and not too salty.

BBQ pork sliders ($9) – apricot sauce, sweet pickle, chipotle sauce. Two excellent sliders with a touch of heat, topped with a slightly sweet sauce and slaw that, thankfully, wasn’t dripping with mayo. The brioche buns, like the ones at Bottles & Burgers, were perfectly crispy and chewy.

Churrasco Argentino ($15) – angus American skirt steak, chimichurri sauce. The amount of meat was tiny, which was actually a blessing considering it was tough, chewy, and bland.

Perfect salad ($9) – grilled Asian pears, bufala mozzarella, candied walnuts, rocket arugula,champagne vanilla vinaigrette. It was decent,, but far from perfect. The best thing about it was the candied pecans.

Fries ($6) – shallots, fine herbs, sherry aioli, spicy ketchup. The fries were thick and crispy, but lacked the bold flavors of the fries at its sister restaurant. I did appreciate the two dipping sauces.

Kid’s chicken tenders ($5). Yes, they do have a kid’s menu. This dish should be singular because it only comes with one chicken tender that sits on a bed of fries.

Another similarity to Bottles & Burgers is the spotty service. There were only two other parties around us but that didn’t change the fact that our waitress disappeared for long stretches, making it impossible to order more drinks. Maybe we would have had better luck on their patio? If we come back it will be for drinks and maybe light snacks. If you’re looking for a full and satisfying meal you’re probably better off elsewhere.

3 Stars

Town Square
6599 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 735-9463