Businesses need some sort of gimmick to attract customers and in this case, it’s the name of a food truck. Obviously taken from the name of legendary tough guy Chuck Norris, it was enough to pique my curiosity. The food and the truck have nothing to do with the man, but it was kick-ass delicious.

Truck Norris was right next to the Vizzi truck the other week at the Asian Food Festival at the Silverton in Las Vegas. After grabbing one taco from Vizzi I couldn’t help but get a couple from Truck Norris. You get plenty of bang for your buck as both tacos ($7 total) were filled generously. The sisig taco (citrus marinated pork belly with sautéed onions and jalapeños, cabbage salad, dressed in a secret cilantro cream sauce) was awesome, especially the chicharron on top. The short rib taco (chopped and served in a corn tortilla with cabbage dressed in a honey chipotle aioli, topped with a kim chi salsa) was even better. I loved the sweetness and savoriness of the beef and the cabbage and chipotle sauce on top added crunch and a touch of spiciness.

Service for this California/Hawaiian/Filipino truck was incredibly nice and efficient. The crowds at the festival weren’t bad at all and I only had to wait about 5 minutes before my order was up.

It takes some balls to name a truck after an ’80s action hero, but Truck Norris backs up their bravado with some delicious eats.

5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA
(626) 826-4239

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