Chris Herrin, chef and owner of Bread and Butter, has scored another big hit with Meat and Three. If you don’t know, Herrin is the ex-Bouchon pastry chef who opened one of the best bakeries in town (Bread and Butter) last year in Henderson. Meat and Three is a few doors down in the same strip mall.

Since opening this casual neighborhood dining spot, it’s received some rave reviews and it really is as good as everyone says it is. The biggest negative is that the restaurant isn’t bigger. They need a larger space to accommodate the hoards of hungry diners waiting to eat here. For our family of three (two adults and a four year old) we got two orders of the “meat and three” which was a reasonable $32.32.

The proteins consisted of the beef brisket and half of a roasted chicken. The chicken — unfortunately, a little dry — was one huge bird. We had enough for leftovers the next day. The brisket was simply amazing. It’s easily the best I’ve had in town. It didn’t matter that there weren’t any more knives at our table because it was as tender as a well cooked pot roast (napkins and utensils are located in containers set on each table).

Out of the six other items we got, the fried brussels sprouts were the best. They were crispy to the point of almost being like chips and so good that I’d be happy to eat them and nothing else on a return visit. The green beans were delicious and the two orders of mashed potatoes were good, especially if you like them smooth and creamy. The butternut squash had a consistency and the look of mashed sweet potatoes. The last item, an oreo pudding, was a mix of chocolate and cream that didn’t exactly remind me of oreos, but was tasty nonetheless.

Food and drinks are ordered at the counter and brought out to your table. The best seat in the house might be the communal table in the center of the dining room. If you don’t mind having dinner with complete strangers you could be entertained by the people around you. Two of the people across from us were great to talk with and made the meal that much more enjoyable. This is a southern-inspired restaurant after all, so chat up a neighbor and enjoy the food.

5 Stars

10890 S Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89052

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