Go in with a game plan and stick to it. Yes, the $20.12, 3-course lunch is a steal, but with the supplemental charges for some dishes and alcohol the cost can skyrocket. We had every intention of not spending much, but after ordering oysters and wine pairings with our lunch our $40 steal became $140. But, that’s our fault for enjoying this place so much.

The restaurant is from Costas Spiliadis, who has other outposts in New York and Montreal. After walking through the entrance you’ll feel worlds away from the Cosmopolitan. The high energy and sometimes chaotic atmosphere on the outside is replaced by a light, airy, and elegant feel created by an open room and beautiful decor.

Our seats overlooked the open kitchen and their displays of fresh fish on ice and stock piles of vegetables. The meal began with grilled bread and we strayed from their pre-fixe to order half a dozen Kumamoto oysters ($26). Delicious? Yes, but also the priciest oysters we’ve encountered in Las Vegas.

The meze plate app and the scallop skewer app were both simple and fabulous. Dollops of tamara, tzatziki, and htipiti were beautifully placed on an oblong plate surrounded by cucumber, cheese, olives, and cherry tomato accompaniments. As good as all of that was, it was the pita that wowed me. I was left craving more of the its pillowy goodness. A single skewer made up of two well seared scallops, tomato, green pepper and onion was on the other appetizer. Next to it was a mound of couscous.

The amazing food continued with the entrees. The chicken dish had a chicken, mushroom and onion skewer sitting atop half a pita. Next to it were several thick cut fries. Fresh fish is what this restaurant is known for, so I couldn’t pass up the lavraki (grilled Mediterranean bass). The minimalist approach to the fish’s preparation and presentation was wonderful. A whole fish (head and all) was deboned and laid out on the plate prepared with salt, pepper, and lemon with capers and olive oil drizzled on top. Without a doubt it’s one of the top two fish dishes I’ve had in town.

For desserts, we got the fresh fruit plate and the walnut cake. The cake shouldn’t be missed — so moist and full of flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

The only negative was the fruit flies buzzing around. No matter, I’d still come back in a heart beat, but I’ll come prepared to drop some serious coin for the experience because it isn’t cheap but it’s well worth it.

4.5 Stars

The Cosmopolitan
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7930

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