Of all the restaurant openings in 2012, the news of this one made me happier than any other. It was a sad day when Bosa 1 closed, and with it some of the best Vietnamese food in town. Now called Pho Bosa, it’s closer to the Strip (although unfortunately farther from my house) with all the same amazing dishes plus the addition of pho.

The broken rice is like tiny little morsels of heaven. Fluffy, well seasoned and cooked perfectly, it serves as a perfect blank canvas for all the amazing items on the menu. The grilled pork might be my favorite, but the Korean short ribs and grilled chicken aren’t far behind. The crispy shrimp cakes and egg rolls shouldn’t be missed either. As good and comforting as the rice is, the bún is excellent as well and portion sizes for all dishes are ample enough for the hungriest of appetites.

The exterior of the place might not be the prettiest — it’s a two story office complex that looks like an old motel — but inside is one of the best casual and affordable dining spots in the city. It’s a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. If you can overlook that minor issue and the fact that the restrooms are outside (don’t forget to ask for the key if you have to go) you’ll experience some of the most satisfying food in Vegas.

5 Stars

3355 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 418-1931

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