I know nothing about Japanese curry. I’ll admit that right off the bat. This was my first time eating the stuff and I thought is was delicious. The curry base ($4.99) is a mound of rice surrounded by a somewhat thick, dark curry sauce full of flavor with a bit of smokiness and subtle spiciness — great for people like me who don’t want a ton of heat. The chicken katsu ($2) was tender and succulent but the breading, while crunchy and well seasoned, was too thick. The potato croquette suffered from the same thick exterior, which covered a velvety smooth potato mix.

Their concept is based on choosing one of four curry bases (curry rice, curry fried rice, curry udon, and curry cheese fries — from five to six dollars) and adding on different sides. Their sides, including beef, chicken, pork, egg roles, and more, vary in price from one dollar to two dollars. They also have toppings like eggs, cheese and corn that can be added on for an additional charge. While it can add up depending on how many things you add on, getting a base and a single side is reasonably priced for lunch, let alone dinner, and is a decent amount of food for most.

All this deliciousness is available in the Campus Commons Food Court, a couple blocks west of the College of Southern Nevada on Charleston. Kaba Curry occupies one counter and seating is shared with the other businesses in the building. It’s not high end dining… some might even call the area and the building sketchy… but the food is worth a visit.

4 Stars

6475 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 589-0370

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