BurGR is one of three Gordon Ramsay restaurants to have opened in the past year and the second I’ve tried. I had high hopes that this casual eatery would rise to the top of the Vegas burger world just as Gordon Ramsay Steak has ascended to the top (or close to it) of Vegas steakhouses.

With Spring 2013 Restaurant Week upon us (this was about a month ago, but I’m finally getting around to blogging about it) it was the perfect chance to dine at the great price of $20.13 for a three course meal. The Euro burger looked great when it arrived, with the beef patty slightly larger than the width of the bun with the grill marks evident. The arugula and roasted tomatoes were peeking out from under the top bun making it look so enticing to eat. The flavors didn’t let me down. The patty was well seasoned and not too dense, the goat cheese wasn’t overpowering and the tomatoes gave it a touch of sweetness and acidity, with the arugula adding the right amount of bitterness to balance everything out.

My wife got the chantrelle burger (chantrelle mushrooms, arugula, figgy onion jam) protein-style (without the bun, for those not familiar with the In-N-Out lingo). I was too busy chowing down on mine to try hers, but she was happy with it.

The thick cut parmesan fries were a little limp and not as crispy as fries should be. On the plus side there was enough fries for 3 or 4 people to share. The beer battered onion rings were lightly coated and as good as any you’ll find in town.

The push pop for dessert doesn’t do Ramsay’s sticky toffee pudding justice. It’s not even close to being as amazing as the warm version found at Gordon Ramsay Steak. The cold temperature made it too firm and crumbly. The peanut ice cream didn’t add much either with its mild flavor and lack of creaminess.

Service was solid with several people stopping by to make sure our needs were met. Our server, Tabitha, in particular was knowledgeable, attentive, and efficient, making the dining experience great. Although, she did make a mistake on my friend’s check, who was dining with us.

Despite that mishap, it was a very good lunch with some dishes better than others. It may not have surpassed my favorite burger joints in town for the top spot, but I’ve got a feeling if I tried one of the two-meat, stacked burgers — the pork belly and beef patty, perhaps — that my affinity for this place might increase.

4 Stars

Planet Hollywood
3667 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 785-5462

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