This may have been one of the best buffets a few years ago, but Wicked Spoon and Bacchanal have passed it by with their unique dishes and plating. The food at Studio B is still better than most buffets I’ve tried but my opinion of the place has changed since my first visit years ago when the M Resort opened.

Desserts are the best option here with the apple pie, cookies, and pecan tart leading the way. Items like stewed and braised meats work well because the quality doesn’t diminish as quickly when it’s been sitting out a long time as opposed to other dishes where timing and freshness matter. For example, the chimichangas and pizza crusts get soggy  after a while and mussels become rubbery. You should skip the sushi altogether. The Asian section with kalbi beef, curry, and kung pao beef fared much better and were some of the more memorable dishes.

They didn’t have crab legs the night I visited (a Monday night). I believe that’s only on Friday’s and Saturday’s. However, they still had all you can drink beer and wine as they do every night. It may not be the best buffet in town but it’s still better than most. That counts for something, right?

3.5 Stars

M Resort
12300 Las Vegas Blvd
Henderson, NV 89044
(702) 797-1000

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