Buffets and all you can eat (AYCE) establishments are all about quantity. There’s no denying it. You go to those places because you’ve got the appetite of a Survivor contestant who just got voted off the island. You just want to seek and destroy and quality takes a back seat for the night. With that said, my expectation are always lowered going in.

Umiya, located a block away from the Palms on Flamingo Road, may not have the city’s best sushi but it is one of the better AYCE spots. I’ve been here a few times and more often than not, all the food I get is pretty good, if not great (at least based on AYCE standards). Their AYCE menu is fairly large, as is their a la carte selections. The dinner price is $26.95 and for kids it’s about $13.

With a minimal amount of rice and decent sized sliced of fish most of the nigiri I’ve tried was good. Standouts include the tuna, super white tuna, sea bream, yellowtail and eel. I’m a fan of several other dishes. The gyoza was crispy and delicious. The yellowtail lover roll was full of fresh fish and wasn’t over-sauced. The crispy rice with spicy tuna was tough to eat due to it’s large size, but had wonderful flavors with a spicy finish thanks to the jalapeño. The oysters  and pork belly are respectable and worth ordering again.

On the flip side, the seared tuna in AJ sauce was drowning in sauce and subsequently drowned out the flavor of the fish. The Hawaiian roll was made with rice sitting in the cooker too long — dry and hard grains dominated the roll. The shrimp balls could have used less sauce. Unfortunately, all that sauce rendered the pastry balls mushy and soggy.

The interior is cool with the long communal tables and benches. It also seems to be easier to get a seat than other AYCE places around town. The times I went I’ve never had to wait, which is perfect when my patience is running low, I’m hungry, and all I want to do is stuff my face. Umiya has quickly become my go-to spot for AYCE Japanese fare. It’s family friendly, has quick and friendly service, and quality fare that won’t break the bank.

4 Stars

4465 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 365-6195

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