Frozen yogurt shops, like Starbucks or Subway, seem to be on every street corner in Las Vegas. To make sure this particular corner (Rainbow and Patrick) wasn’t being left out Tops N Bottoms recently opened to fill the void. It’s just north of the 215 in the same plaza as Firehouse subs and American Male. It’s just like any of the other million or so self-serve froyo places around. The place was clean, flavors were good and there were plenty of toppings. They encourage you to put  some of those toppings in the cup first, then the froyo, and finish it off by adding more toppings. That’s the main differentiator between this place and all others. Even though froyo’s popularity, like cupcakes, is on the decline I’m still a fan of the concept (especially when temps reach triple digits), therefore I’m a fan of this place.

3.5 Stars

6070 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 838-2893