Here’s a review that’s long overdue. I dined at La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway a couple months back for Father’s Day. Created by Michael Morton, co-founder of the N9ne Group, La Cave is an underrated small-plates restaurant at the Wynn.

Their weekend brunch is an all you can eat feast served butler style — meaning the servers walk around with trays of food and you pick what you want, like a dim sum place. It is more expensive than the buffet ($48 for adults and $28 for kids under 12) and with a less diverse selection, but the quality of food is better and (for all you lazy people out there) you never have to leave your seat while dining. For an extra $20 you can get all you can drink bloody mary’s, mojitos, and caipirinhas.

Dishes that were served included:

Pork ribs – meaty, tender, with a little heat from the sauce.

Sliders – the angus beef patties were well seasoned and juicy with a bun that was soft and slightly chewy.

Pancakes – small portions are perfect for sampling. The light texture of the batter worked well with the raspberry compote.

Cornmeal crusted French toast – the crunchy exterior and light fluffy interior made for a delicious combo.

Jamaican jerk chicken – the thick, crunchy exterior was exploding with flavor and gave way to the tender, juicy meat underneath. It was one of the best dishes of the day.

Egg with a veal hash – a large portion that was plenty for two to share, served in a cute little cast iron dish. The meat was oily but the amazing potatoes and mushrooms made up for it.

Caprese salad – the slices of tomato could have been thinner. It was decent overall, but nothing too special.

Yogurt parfait – I didn’t try it but we did get some fresh berries that were delicious.

Steak and egg benedict – the steak was ok and the muffin was stiff, thick and chewy. The egg was overcooked but the hollandaise was perfectly balanced between the egginess and butteriness of it.

Cup of bacon – it was nothing fancy, just a white cup with bacon, but it was delicious. You can’t go wrong with crispy bacon.

Asparagus – another dish I didn’t try but it did look good. I didn’t want to ruin my meal with too many vegetables.

Mushrooms and grits – i enjoyed the creamy texture of the grits and liked the toothsome bit of the mushrooms, but there was way too much truffle aioli.

Tater tots – not sure if these were made in house or frozen, but they weren’t bad. By the time this dish came around I was so full I could only have one or two.

Flatbread – pretty good, the crust was slightly crunchy yet chewy.

To finish the meal they brought out a couple plates of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal and golden raisin cookies, and chocolate raspberry brownies. I was stuffed but had to try one of each. The chocolate chip cookies were great, chewy and warm, the oatmeal cookies were ok, and the brownies were excellent — fudgy, dense, and moist.

The mojitos were good but could have used more mint and the caipirinhas were strong with just enough sweetness to them.

It was an excellent way to spend Father’s day and a great alternative to the madhouse that is the buffet. The relaxed and intimate setting on the patio is the way to go if you want to stuff yourself silly without having to move. And after you’re done you probably will (like me) have some difficulty getting your ass off your seat.

4 Stars

Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 770-7375

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