I never thought twice about eating here until friends came to town and someone in the group suggested the place. I’m a fan of Wolfgang Puck, but after mediocre meals years ago at Spago and Postrio I’ve been reluctant to dine at any of his restaurants not named Cut. The mid-level price point of this casual eatery made eating here even more palatable since I’m in a money-saving mode for the foreseeable future.

The atmosphere is lacking as the restaurant is completely open to the MGM Grand casino, making it impossible to ignore the ringing and buzzing from slot machines or the buzzed clientele of the hotel, clubs, and dayclubs. Fortunately, the food made up for all of that.

The corn chowder ($12) was one of their daily specials. Served in a deep bowl full of corn kernels and bits of bacon, it was a velvety smooth soup with great flavor. The spicy tuna tartare ($21) wasn’t bad. It was a little on the sweet side with its use of soy sauce for its Asian influence but my favorite part of the dish were the accompanying sesame crackers.

Portion sizes are ample when it comes to many of their dishes. The butter lettuce Caesar salad ($13), which included anchovies like a traditional Caesar, was plenty big to share. The steamed black mussels ($25) were also large enough for two or more. The dish was overflowing with plump, juicy mussels in a light savory sauce.

The lasagna ($21) was surprisingly good. Who knew you could find a delicious lasagna in a restaurant owned by an Austrian that serves a fusion of multiple cuisines? It was a perfect combination of savoriness from the sausage bolognese and richness from the cheese and bechamel. The ricotta gnocchi ($23) was also tasty, but a little dense.

The low point of the meal was when one person in our party received a cheese and basil pesto ravioli ($21) dish that wasn’t cooked all the way. A new order was brought out soon after we sent it back.

This restaurant is a great option for those dining with kids. The have the prerequisite kid’s menu with typical kid fare. The chicken fingers ($6.95) were large chunks of freshly breaded and fried chicken atop a huge mound of fries. No normal kid should attempt to eat all of that by themselves.

The food here is simple, as they cater to price conscious tourists who aren’t adventurous eaters, but it’s executed fairly well. The menu is all over the place with Asian, Italian, and American dishes so chances are you and everyone in your party will find something to eat. It’s not a destination restaurant, but certainly a good option for those staying nearby or those looking for a reasonably priced meal on the Strip.

3.5 Stars

MGM Grand
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 891-3000

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