After getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist a few blocks away, I found this place for dinner. It’s located in a strip mall surrounded by crappy fast food restaurants. The inside is clean and spacious — at least when it’s completely empty it feels big. I went with the tri-tip shwarma which came with a salad full of chick peas, cucumbers and other deliciousness. There was also some hummus and pita with it. I loved the flavor of the steak, especially the crispy edges that were bordering on burnt. There were plenty of spices and seasoning on it which blinded me to the fact that the meat could have been a bit more tender. It was tasty nonetheless.

My kid went with the kid’s pizza. It’s actually just a pita topped with sauce and cheese. Good in concept, but not execution. It was a soggy mess and my kid barely ate it. Next time I’ll just get him some chicken.

Prices were decent, the staff was friendly and willing to help out a first timer. If this place was closer to me I’d probably be a regular. At the very least, I’ll have to stop by every six months after my dental visits.

3 Stars

10612 S Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 795-8444

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