The food truck craze swept into Vegas, seemingly, overnight a few years ago with the likes of Slidin’ Thru and Fukuburger. But, as quickly as it came in, trucks went out of business even faster. Vegas just doesn’t have the centralized and accessible workforce that other cities do. So, we’ve had to say goodbye to plenty of amazing trucks. That still doesn’t stop some from trying their luck at the gourmet roach coach business.

Wa Da Pho is a fairly new entry into the scene and they have the prerequisite catchy name and an intriguing menu to gain traction. The day I caught up with them I got two orders of Da Big Baoz ($2.75 ea.) and one Pho-licious Q Slider ($2.75) for lunch. The sirloin in the bao was slightly sweet but the sauce gave it a bit of a kick and some depth. Both had plenty of filling but perhaps too much cilantro. My biggest gripe is that the buns were too dry and cracked and lacked the elasticity that you would expect. The slider was by far the best bites during lunch. I loved the chewy pretzel roll and the tender brisket that was overflowing out the back with every bite.

As with most food trucks, lunch doesn’t come cheap but the value is there. With a menu that includes pho, poke nachos, and lobster balls I’m hoping they’ll be around long enough for me to try them all.

4 Stars

Las Vegas, NV 89118