I’ve been doing this blog for over three years now and while my passion for consuming food hasn’t waned, my love for writing about it has. At least occasionally. Work and family always keeps me busy and football season is upon us so when my time is limited, this blog suffers as much as my beleaguered Redskins’ secondary has this year. Both make me sad. But, I digress…

I’ve eaten out less frequently as of late and I’ve felt less motivated. But, one business has me excited again. It’s not a fancy-schmancy Strip restaurant or the latest Asian import into Spring Mountain Road. It’s SkinnyFats, a tiny spot in an industrial park that has gotten plenty of good and bad press lately.

What makes the place so good is the creativity and originality of their food for an off-Strip, inexpensive, casual eatery. Originally started as a catering business, it blossomed into a tiny restaurant that serves healthy and not-so-healthy dishes.

It isn’t flawless — it could be bigger and not all the food is perfect — but there are plenty of amazing things that make this my favorite lunch spot. You can’t go wrong with either the ahi taco-san ($3.75) or ahi srirachi taco ($3.50), both overflowing with a perfect blend of ingredients.

Portion sizes are generous, with items like the Off the Stick ($12) gluten-free pizza large enough for two to share.It may not be a typical pizza crust (thin and cracker-like), but the filet, feta, arugula, and other toppings were so amazing that the crust was secondary. Also topped with sliced filet, the Happymess ($9) with truffle fries is another hit.

A slightly healthier version of the Happymess are the God Fries ($6.75), consisting of chicken, feta, craisins, arugula, and kalamata olives on top of sweet potato fries.

If burgers are your thing, try their Burger Benedict ($10.50). It’s a half pound angus burger topped with a fried egg that will have you reaching for an extra dozen napkins as you devour all of its deliciousness. Another huge offering is the Flat chix and greens ($9.50) salad that offers a mix of acidic, salty, and slightly sweet flavors in a dish that might be big enough for two.

Less successful dishes include their Meaty Bun ($3.75) slider that had a patty so dense and thick that it shot out the back of the bun when I tried to bite it. The Bonjour Brulee ($6.75) sounded great on the menu (9 grain bread dipped in egg white creme brulee mixture, pan fried, fresh berries and drizzled with agave nectar) but in reality it was too mushy for it’s own good.

Their concept of offering healthy and not-so-healthy dishes will attract many. Although some might argue that the agave nectar used in many of their dishes isn’t healthy at all. I’m not a fitness freak or strict about what I eat, so that issue isn’t a concern for me. Whether or not you’re watching what you eat, their extensive menu is bound to please just about everyone. Over-the-top food is the name of the game here as is evidenced by the dozen or more ingredients per dish. It may not be fine dining, but it it fine tasting for a casual lunch or early, inexpensive dinner in a family-friendly environment.

4.5 Stars

6261 Dean Martin Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 979-9797

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