There are a few dishes I’m a sucker for — pork belly, braised beef short ribs, gnocchi. Dishes I’m certain to order if I see them on the menu. So naturally, when I saw gnocchi on the menu at Giuseppe’s I didn’t bother looking at the rest of it. My expectations were set low considering it’s a gaming tavern, which rarely excites the palate.

Unfortunately, my low expectations were met. The gnocchi was way too dense and thick, unlike the light and airy version I crave. The other items ordered were a clear step above. A decent, house-made chicken noodle soup served as a pleasing appetizer and a wedding soup that was strikingly similar to the chicken noodle, with the addition of meatballs, was equally enjoyable. The garlic bread, on Italian bread topped with cheese and sauce, was pretty tasty and a healthy portion size for a family of three. The kid’s order of chicken fingers was of the typical frozen variety.

The extensive menu offers many familiar Italian and American dishes that should satisfy most conservative diners. An added bonus is the kids menu, making Giuseppe’s a surprising family-friendly destination. The ambiance is charming and spacious with a dining area full of comfortable booths and a few tables and a bar area thats enclosed to limit smokiness throughout the restaurant.

2.5 Stars

6065 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 896-7616