I should file this post under “better late than never” because much of it is out of date. We stopped by the M Resort for some light bites and drinks about a month or two ago, visiting the oyster bar that’s a part of Anthony’s. Since then, it has been converted to a pasta bar, serving up Italian-American fare steps away from customers. But, during our visit the bar had an east/west motif to their menu. Half of the menu had Asian-inspired dishes, while the other half had American.

Three types of oysters were offered. We went with half a dozen of the smaller Kusshi oysters. Clean and mild tasting, they were a great start to our meal. Next up was a cucumber and watermelon salad ($10). I envisioned a beautifully composed, petite salad. What we got was the opposite. It was a large mound of lettuce, vegetables, and watermelon drowning in a kim chee vinaigrette. The flavors were somewhat bold and spicy but it was so heavy-handed that I could only eat a few bites.

We moved over to a different bar closer to their main dining room to check out their menu. Yup, a completely different bar menu. Not sure why they felt it necessary to have a separate menu, but whatever. The beef tartare ($22) was another heavy-handed dish. The cylindrical stack of beef sat atop mixed greens. On top of the beef was a substantial pile of pickled red onions and a quail egg. The dish was way too acidic, drowning in a sauce that was probably masking inferior beef. There were two more sauces needlessly spread across the plate. Talk about overkill… there were about half a dozen ingredients that should have been left off the dish.

The last item we tried were the lobster tacos ($24). Surprise, surprise… it was another heavy-handed dish with an excessive amount of ingredients. They used so much chipotle aioli and avocado mousse that I couldn’t even taste lobster. Sauce was oozing out in every direction.

The menu — or menus, plural — sound appetizing, but unfortunately the execution was lacking. Since the new pasta bar took over the space previously occupied by the oyster bar, many of the menu items have moved to the bar closer to the main dining area.

2.5 Stars

The M Resort
12300 Las Vegas Blvd S
Henderson, NV 89044
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