I was here back in January. Located in the Downtown Container Park, it occupies one of the shipping containers on the ground floor adjacent to the kid’s park and stage. The inside is deceptively larger than what one would expect. It’s still tight quarters, but they managed to fit a kitchen/bar and two seating areas in there.

My wife reserved a spot to hang out with friends for the night and the employees there were very accommodating. The service throughout the night was great as they stopped by frequently to make sure we had everything we needed, cleared plates and glasses, etc. Prices for wines by the glass were more than reasonable, certainly cheaper than the Strip. The only food I sampled was the meat and cheese trays. Both were filled with a good variety of items. It’s a cozy spot that worked well in the winter, as it never got too cold in there even with the doors open.

4 Stars

Downtown Container Park
707 E Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 826-2702

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