If there’s one cuisine you shouldn’t eat on the Strip, it’s probably Mexican. You can typically find better and cheaper off the Strip, no doubt. But, I didn’t listen to my own advice and stopped by this place, located on the ground floor of Fashion Show mall, across from the Wynn.

There’s a bar and patio street side for people watching and a darker, more cozy dining area inside. The food was slightly better than expected, but with the same hefty price tag of our casual Strip eateries. The freshly made guacamole was perfectly seasoned and well balanced with just enough acidity. The freshly fried tortillas chips were a welcome bonus, too. The pork taco platter consisted of succulent chunks of pork (that were too oily for their own good) in a skillet and some accompanying ingredients next to it for you to build your own tacos. The five tortillas they give you are plenty. The rice and beans were nothing special. But, you can basically say that about the majority of Mexican restaurants in town.

There’s a kid’s menu with typical kid-friendly fare. I will say that their cheese quesadilla was excellent. I’m not sure how they get their tortillas to be so delicate and crispy (almost like wonton wrappers) but they make for some of the best quesadillas a kid will eat. And, my kid is an expert at eating them.

As long as you go in knowing you’ll spend a lot, you will probably leave satisfied. The food is typical Mexican that doesn’t break any new ground, but is good enough to hold it’s own against similar Mexican spots on the Strip.

3.5 Stars

Fashion Show Mall
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89115
(702) 258-1211

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