This review is long overdue, but I’m finally getting around to making a dent in the backlog of reviews on my computer. Anyway, the week before xmas this place was busy. The line was almost going out the door as people were buying stuff for friends, family, or co-workers.
If you’re gonna get a large order, it’s better to call ahead to guarantee the flavors you want. Many of the flavors on the racks were reserved for such orders. The display was somewhat bare as many of the gourmet donuts were purchased.

The size of the donuts were large, so you may want to share. One donut was enough to fill me up. The tart filling in the keylime donut was great, reminiscent of a good keylime pie. The s’mores wasn’t bad. I liked the marshmallow flavors that were present throughout. I’m glad I tried the nutty pig but I can’t say I’m a fan. It’s a combination of flavors that isn’t for everyone. My least favorite part was the cold and chewy bacon bits. Personally, I prefer my bacon piping hot and crispy. The pumpkin cheesecake donut may have been my favorite. The rich and creamy filling provided all the goodness of a pumpkin pie in a donut.

While I’m not typically a fan of donuts, the ones here are creative and delicious enough for me to want to come back. Obviously, I’m not the only one to think that, as they’ve expanded to a kiosk at Town Square and elsewhere around town. A location in the southwest would be more than welcomed.

4.5 Stars

7531 W Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 478-7465

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