In the 1+ years that ‘eat’ has been open, it has garnered plenty of local and even some national press touting it as one of the top breakfast and lunch spots in town. Natalie Young, a former chef on the Strip has quickly transformed this spot into a downtown destination.

As a matter of fact, the only thing that ruined our experience was the view from my seat of some big guy showing off his hairy ass crack. Along with that view, was a not-so-attractive woman at a different  table showing off her crack too. Despite the horrid visuals around me (and slightly throwing up in my mouth as I saw the dude’s ass) the food was great.

The dwblta ($11), their version of a BLT, was as good as you’ll find and the same can be said about the pancakes ($9). With slightly crispy edges and a fluffy texture, it can easily be billed as one of the better pancakes in town. Syrup is available, but isn’t needed. The chicken apple sausage on top was great, as well. It wasn’t a cheap breakfast, but the quality is well worth it. The brunch menu on weekends is fairly small, much more so than the usual breakfast or lunch menu on weekdays. So, plan your visit accordingly.

5 Stars

707 Carson St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 534-1515

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