***Update: business closed***

With my Groupon about to expire, it was time to try this Hawaiian style small plates and sushi restaurant located in the revitalized strip mall at the corner of Sahara and Fort Apache roads.

The best items were the ones with bold flavors with ingredients that masked the quality of the fish. A perfect example of that were the Tensai hamachi shooters ($15 for 6). The ponzu sauce and white truffle oil made for a delicious and bold combination, but over powered the yellowtail. In the same vein, the sauce in the spicy tuna crackers ($6.50) were the prominent element in the dish along with the wasabi crackers, relegating the fish to a secondary role. The yellowtail jalapeno ($7) dish was another solid item that used plenty of yuzu to create bold flavors.

Less successful were the kalbi short ribs ($8), a small plate with approximately six rich and sweet kalbi ribs that were unfortunately very oily. The sushi and sashimi were the weakest items due to the chewy and tough texture of some of the fish. The sinew in the tuna in the sashimi plate ($8) was rather pronounced and made it tough to eat. The tuna topping the Victorino roll ($13) suffered from the same problem.

With so many lackluster dishes, I’m not sure I’d come back and chances are if I am back in this strip mall I’d hit up Settebello or Bachi Burger instead.

2.5 Stars

9350 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 485-3433

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