A fun, lively atmosphere, a kid-friendly environment, food choices for every type of eater, and an interactive dining experience make Gyu-Kaku the perfect spot for friends and family to dine. Expect long wait times (30 minutes or more) during peak hours so make reservations or call ahead.

An order of edamame is free with a Facebook or Yelp checkin. Garlic noodles full of bold and savory flavors is a must and plenty to share. An order of assorted veggies will include eggplant, onions and mushrooms. They’ll fire up the grill at your table so you can cook everything yourself. The kalbi steak was well marbled, providing plenty of umami flavor. The shrimp was decent sized and the chicken, mostly thigh meat, was perfect. Dip everything in one of their four sauces to find your favorite flavor profile. If you don’t like the way the food is cooked, there’s no one to blame but you or your party.

We ended our meal with a chocolate lava cake lacking the “lava”. Despite it being cooked through, it was still moist and delicious. As with all lava cakes, the contrast of the warm cake and cold ice cream is always a hit.

Servie may have been spotty, but the food, environment, and company more than made up for it. The reasonable prices (our group of five ate for about $110) make this spot one of the best deals in the area.

4 Stars

307 Lewers St
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 926-2989

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