One of the great attractions we visited during our trip was the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north shore. Full of  great exhibits and fun performances and shows, I was hoping the dining would be equally as good. The Alii luau was part of our admission package to the PCC. Touted as their most popular dining option, seating for the masses was efficient as they brought people to tables of 8 and filled up all seats with other parties. Yes, you’ll have to share the table with strangers so brush up on small talk, put on your happy face and make some new friends.

There’s an MC who runs the pre- and post-dinner entertainment. Honestly,  can’t remember much of the entertainment. That should tell you how memorable it was. Unfortunately, the food was even worse. Living in Las Vegas, maybe I’m spoiled when it comes to buffets, but I was disappointed by the lack of choices and quality of food. They had some shoyu glazed chicken thighs, steamed white fish, and kalua pork that was bland and tasteless, not to mention watery. A salad section with iceberg lettuce, a few types of dressing and basic condiments was a letdown. The ahi poke was decent compared to everything else, but portioned out into tiny plastic cups usually reserved for soy sauce from take out restaurants.

Desserts weren’t much better. The coconut cake with haupia sauce was far superior to an awful bread pudding made up of taro rolls and uninspired pineapple bars.

I can normally down 4 or 5 plates at buffets but here I barely had one and a small sampling of desserts. The PCC itself is a great attraction, but the food needs some serious help.

1 Star

Polynesian Cultural Center
55-370 Kamehameha Hwy
Laie, HI 96762
(808) 293-3333