I’m all for helping out small, locally-owned shops, but to get me to visit a second time the food has to be good. With Tiabi, I’m on the fence. On one hand the B.A.T. wafflewich ($4.95) with its bacon, arugula, and tomato was delicious. I don’t know what the Tiabi sauce in the wafflewich consisted of, but in combination with the other ingredients it made it unbelievably tasty. On the other hand, the Break-The-Fast wafflewich ($4.95) was a complete disaster. The whole thing looked sad. The sausage was barely warm, the cheese looked like it was straight out the fridge having had no contact with any heat to melt it, and the scrambled eggs looked like prepackaged/pre-cooked eggs found at McDonald’s.

Somewhere in between in quality were the two waffle dishes I tried. Ordered as a Belgian waffle, the maple bacon waffle ($5.99) was thick and soft, as expected, with large chunks of bacon in the batter. The savory and saltiness of it in combination with the sweetness of the batter and syrup made it a solid choice all around. The red velvet waffle ($5.50), ordered as a classic thin waffle, lacked any crispness around the exterior. The flavor was well balanced with a moderate amount of chocolate chips and whipped cream giving it enough sweetness without making it too overindulgent.

With classic, Belgian, and vegan waffles, specialty coffee drinks and frozen drinks, there’s plenty of promise here. Unfortunately, some of the execution on my visit was lackluster. And, don’t expect fast service. Even with three employees hustling in the back we waited a while for our orders despite being the first ones through the door in the morning.

3 Stars

3961 Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 222-1722

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