I’m a fan boy of Block 16 (the parent company of Blind Pig) so maybe I’m a little biased, but so far I’ve loved just about every concept they’ve developed. Located in the Panorama Tower condo complex, Blind Pig is part convenience store, part bar and bistro. In the dining area you’ll find plenty of comfortable seating, especially the booths, set amid a retro-chic prohibition era decor with views of City Centre across the highway.

The menu, as Block 16 is apt to do (see the Barrymore and Public House at the Venetian), features their modern take on approachable comfort food crafted with excellent ingredients. Always a sucker for pork, the crispy pork nuggets ($10) were a great way to start my meal. Unctuous, savory, deep fried cubes of pork covered in crispy skin were complimented with a sweet chili glaze and sriracha aioli that provided a bit of heat. That was followed by a porchetta ($13.50) sandwich with rich, but too oily, pork loin and belly in a crispy ciabatta roll.

Desserts are available, but they come straight from the cases and displays of the ‘Provisions’ side of Blind Pig. I should have let the coconut cake warm up a bit, but my sweet tooth couldn’t be denied. The cake was stiff, as was the icing, but the flavors were very good. Next time, I’ll have to resist the urge and wait to eat desserts at home. With their cases stocked with ready made and ready to cook products, there’s plenty here for those wanting meals to-go.

4 Stars

4515 Dean Martin Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 430-4444

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