If you’re looking for Flavortown, you’ll find it right between Mediocreville and Ridiculousburg. Flavors are over the top. A mixture of so many bold flavors that compete with each other, hoping that you’ll like at least one of the half dozen profiles.

An embargo should be placed on Flavortown for their over the top ridiculousness of the bold flavors, crazy dia de los muertos meets affliction decor, and outlandish copywriting. The restaurant comes across as a parody straight out of SNL, but it’s real.

The parmageddon wings suffered from breading that was too thick and an overpowering parmesan flavor. The mac n cheese burger had so many flavors and ingredients that the beef patty was lost. And, by lost I mean the flavor. Visually, I could see it oddly peaking out in a couple spots from under the mound of toppings. The patty was a mess — weirdly shaped and thin as if a child assembled it then someone ran it over. No wonder they call it a meat blanket. The bun was great, but the rest of the burger was just an odd tasting mess. The order came with a mix of skinny, handcut, and waffle fries, all of which were the highlight of the meal.

Expect long waits because of Guy’s popularity. It’s Applebee’s on steroids. While it is a kid-friendly restaurant they don’t have a kid’s menu, meaning that little ones that will eat about five bites will have to order an adult sized item and will likely have plenty of leftovers, if you decide they’re good enough to take home.

3 Stars

The Quad
3535 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(800) 351-7400

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