A great family-owned business in Spring valley that makes their own ice cream, gelato and sorbet. There are plenty of non-traditional flavors like black sesame and taro. But, this day I went the conservative route. The creme brulee was subtley sweet while the tiramisu gelato had a pronounced coffee and liquor flavor. Both satisfyingly rich, smooth, and creamy. The double scoop ($3.69) here is also cheaper than at Art of Flavors. Both are great, in my opinion. My kid loved the fruit punch flavor with a couple mix-ins. It tasted just like the drink, but I found the sweetness to be somewhat overbearing. If you’re craving a proper meal before indulging in sweets, they also have hot food like wings and chicken tenders.

5 Stars

5625 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 368-3770

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