I’ve always avoided eating at the Luxor  because their restaurant lineup never appealed to me. But, decided to give their cafe a shot with a friend after checking out their menu. They offer plenty of standard breakfast and lunch fare, but the standout dishes reside in their diverse selection of French toast. They don’t just add different toppings to the same bread. They utilize different types to create the best profile.

Despite the lack of carrots in the carrot cake French toast, the bread was soaked through with custard and topped with garnishes that added a nice variety of tastes and textures to make it a standout dish. Likewise, the strawberry shortcake French toast was an enticing array of flavors highlighted by the strawberry compote. Lighter, overall, than the carrot cake, it was equally as good.

Less successful were red velvet pancakes that had a tough, almost rubbery texture and icing that was thick and grainy. However, the hints of caramel were a nice touch. Their monte cristo was a solid rendition with an exterior providing plenty of crunch. It could have benefitted from more ham, but the flavors were still decent.

With a menu full of items that are more likely to satisfy than impress, it’s the specialty items like the French toast that should be ordered for a memorable meal.

4 Stars

The Luxor
3900 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 262-4720

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