After a late check-in at our hotel and craving some barbeque, I found this chain, located a short drive from where we were staying. Supposedly, it’s a Memphis institution. This location is in the ‘burbs, east of the city.

With parents who were tired from driving all day and didn’t want to eat out, I placed a to go order that was ready in about 20 minutes. Located in a strip mall in Cordova, the large interior was dominated by plenty of flair that was part Disney-esque and over the top. But the food is the only thing that really matters. The rib and beef combo ($19.99) consisted of a half rack of ribs covered with a dry rub showcasing a great mix of heat, tang, and sweet and tender and moist brisket with a sauce bordering on being too sweet. The regular order of wet ribs ($16.99) were also a touch sweet, but the smokiness from the fall-off-the-bone meat made up for it. Finishing up the meal was a slice of their Karo pecan pie ($3.99), heavy on the corn syrup with ample amounts of pecans, it may not be the best, but it definitely hit the spot.

With a few locations in Tennessee and neighboring states, this growing chain is good enough to fill your barbeque needs in a pinch.

4 Stars

1740 N Germantown Rd
Memphis, TN 38018
(901) 737-1988

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