Who knew this place was so popular? From the outside, this lakeside shanty-looking building looks like it should be condemned. But step inside and you’ll see a well decorated interior with stone and glass, comfortable booths, large TVs,  and plenty of folks who seem to be regulars.

On the menu are plenty of comfort food items like chicken pot pie ($8.99) and fried chicken ($7.99). With its flaky, golden crust covering a velvety smooth cream sauce with plenty of vegetables and chicken, the pot pie instantly brought back fond childhood memories of eating the dish. Almost as good was the fried chicken dish consisting of half a chicken, each piece hand breaded and fried into a course, well seasoned crust. If you want something healthier, try the Lakes chicken ($10.99). Sauteed in lemon, white wine and butter, it’s served with a vegetable medley and rice pilaf.

Located in the Lakes, steps away from Those Guys Pies, this is one place the regulars are probably hoping won’t be discovered. Reasonable prices, large portions, and above average food provide plenty of bang for your buck and a reason to return.

4 Stars

2920 Lake East Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 363-9733

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