Hanging out at Tivoli with my kid, he wanted to stop by Cafe Leone for a snack. Who am I to say no? Especially when desserts are involved. Their display is on the small side while prices are on the high end. We can blame their Tivoli location for that. Everything here seems to have a sizeable mark-up compared to other off-Strip spots.

The tiramisu ($5.75) was not good. It was almost all cream with very few lady fingers and lacking the liquor or espresso flavor that it should have. The cralin ($5.75) was much better fortunately. Chocolatey, crunchy, sweet, but not overwhelming, it was a huge step up from our first dessert, but still not on the same level as desserts found in the top tier bakeries on the west side.

2 Stars

Tivoli Village
400 S Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89144
(702) 684-5853

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