This stand alone building on Spring Mountain road may not look like much from the outside, but once you step inside you might feel underdressed. With white linens and waiters dressed in suits, it’s got an upscale vibe. But, most of the customers seemed to be dressed as casually as me.

Their menu is massive. It’s a large book full of items that will satisfy those looking for authentic fare and those looking for Chinese-American food — the kind you can get from any corner take out spot.

Kung pao chicken was heavy on sauce, but a decent portion size with plenty of chicken, green peppers and nuts. Shrimp fried rice was light on ingredients (other than rice) but the flavors were solid. If you’re a fan of bok choy, the mushroom and bok choy dish had just enough sauce to let the ingredients shine while enhancing their flavors. My favorite dish of the night was the tender, well seasoned beef in oyster sauce with green onions. I loved the flavors of the sauteed green beans, too with it’s subtle use of heat and minimal amounts of oil. If fish is your thing, try the seabass. Flakey and delicate, it was a well executed dish with a light buttery flavor. Not as successful was the house fried half chicken. The skin was perfectly wafer thin and crispy, but the meat was bland and dry as a bone.

Perfect for large parties, it’s also great for families. Kids will love the aquariums full of crabs, lobsters and other future meals.

4 Stars

4601 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 889-8881

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