***Update: business closed***

Located in the slowly sinking ship know as the Downtown Grand, I can only imagine that Stewart + Ogden was a cut above when Todd Harrington (formerly of Central, now at Yardbird) was at the helm. Now, it’s just slightly bette than your typical Downtown casino bistro/diner/all-purpose restaurant.

Walking in from the casino floor I was a little surprised by how small the place is. The marketing photos make the place look so much bigger.

Hoping that Chef Harrington brought a similar fried chicken recipe to the one from Central, I ordered S+O’s platter ($14.99). What arrived soon after was 4 pieces of bland chicken with a thin, somewhat course, breading that lacked any visual cues of seasoning. The meat under the breading was quite juicy, so they get points for that. The steak cut fries and coleslaw weren’t bad either.

It will be interesting to see how their menu evolves with the kitchen changes and the consolidation of their now closed Asian restaurant into S+O.

2.5 Stars

Downtown Grand
206 N 3rd St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 953-4343

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