With Christmas just days away, if you’re still searching for gifts for loved ones or coworkers you may want to visit Popped Gourmet Popcorn. Created by Jean-Francois Chavanel, Olivier Morowati, and Zelma Hulet — formerly of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant — they now have two locations in town. Their original spot opened on Eastern Avenue about three years ago and the new location on Hualapai Way opened this year in the south west.

Flavors are as creative as you’d expect from folks who used to work on the Strip. My favorite, from the ones I tried, was the Chocolate Tide with subtle hints of sea salt heightening the dark chocolate covered caramel corn. My sweet tooth also couldn’t resist Ooh Andy — dark chocolate caramel corn with tiny bits of peppermint candy sprinkled throughout. The fragrance of the candy alone upon opening the container will draw you in and it’s likely that you won’t put it down until it’s gone. For those craving something more savory they have flavors such as 505 (caramel corn with red and green hatch chillies), salt and vinegar, Buffalo Hot & Ranch, and Dilly Pickle.

Their popcorn can be purchased in various sizes from small sample containers to larger gallon tins, making it the perfect gift for Anyone. They will also cater events as I found out earlier this year when friends hired them to set up a table top display with multiple flavors of popcorn at their wedding reception.

Note: I did receive complimentary samples from Popped for this review, but have enjoyed them on my own dime in the past.

3700 S Hualapai Way
Ste 108
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 207-0985