Over a year and a half passed between my first and second visit to Fat Choy, the Asian American diner by Sheridan Su. I don’t know why I waited so long to return. The duck and pork belly bao are always a hit, but there are other items just as worthy of being ordered. The short rib rice dish is comprised of two large chunks of boneless beef sitting atop the fluffiest rice imaginable. No knives are needed. The beef easily falls apart with the slightest poke. If you need a little grease, the short rib grilled cheese is the way to go. Plenty of beef fill this sandwich along with an onion jam and provolone and cheddar cheese. The acidity of the tomato dip puts this dish over the top. For more subtle, but equally excellent flavors, “Grandma’s potstickers” delivers. The crispy seared bottom to the dumplings serve as a sign of quality before cutting into the pork and green onion mixture within. The location (inside the Eureka casino, a family-owned Asian business) may not be the best, but the food is well worth the visit through the smokey environment. At least it’s a step up from Chef Su’s previous establishment, Great Bao Cafe, located in a hair salon.

4.5 Stars

Eureka Casino
595 E Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 794-3464

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