***Update: business closed***

The only reason I look forward to going to the doctor or dentist is because both are located in Henderson (I live on the other side of the valley), meaning after my visit I get to try restaurants I normally wouldn’t visit. A trip to the much hyped Buddha Belly Deli for a late lunch was on the docket after my most recent trip. The place is tiny and I would have missed it if I hadn’t been using my GPS. It isn’t fast food, but as a sandwich shop it is more in line with the trendy fast-casual concept — order at the counter, take a seat, and wait for them to bring your food to you.

With a menu full of asian-inspired salads, flatbreads, and sandwiches they’ll definitely appeal to a younger demographic. And, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for any sort of Asian-inspired or Asian fusion dishes that are even remotely unique. The pho dip, a take on a traditional French dip, was fabulous. The quality of the beef was excellent, the flavors were spot on and the amount of heat was perfect for someone who can only handle mild amounts. It was the best sandwich I’ve had this side of the Goodwich. It also came with a side of taro chips. If they were less burnt and oily, they would have been killer.

There are a few dessert options including a green tea cookie with white chocolate chips that was a little too firm. A better option was the carrot cake cupcake. Chinese five spice was prominent in the cake while the restrained balance of the icing provided a nice counter balance. The size of the cupcake was small — and priced accordingly — making it a great way to end the meal on a sweet note without overindulging.

After a great first experience, I might have to make the trek back here after my next doctor visit.

4 Stars

50 North Valle Verde Dr
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 545-0840

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