***Update: business closed***

I’m no donut expert. I try not to eat the stuff too frequently because my slow metabolism can’t handle them at my advanced age. But, for my money O Face is the place to go when I’m craving a fancy schmancy donut. Their selection is about as creative and varied as any I’ve seen in town with choices like Earl grey chocolate, rosewater pistachio, and passionfruit with blueberry. The New York cheesecake was excellent with a not-too-sweet creamy filling that really will remind you of cheesecake. The crunchy graham cracker crumble on top adds to the experience and may make you think twice about ordering a regular cheesecake anywhere when you can get this awesome fried goodness instead. Keeping pace with the cheesecake donut is the Mexican chocolate. The chocolate topping may not have the heat or bitterness I was expecting, but the yeast raised donut with a milky horchata filling will satisfy you just the same. It’s location in the increasingly popular and renovated Carson hotel building makes it a hassle to get to from the west side, but my waistline is grateful for the distance.

5 Stars

124 S 6th St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 850-3759

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