***Update: business closed***

Despite only being open a few months I think Billy’s BBQ has already outlasted the previous tenants, Manhattan Fish Grill. The space is set up as fast-casual restaurant — order at the counter, grab a seat, and they’ll bring the food to you. My two trips here have been for take out. Not an ideal way to sample a restaurants food, but definitely convenient when you’re in a hurry shuttling your kid to and from activities. 

The pulled pork was my favorite of the three proteins I’ve tried. I love the flavor and crispy edges despite the slightly oily aftertaste. When ordering brisket, they give you the choice of a lean or fatty cut, or a mix of the two. The mix was a nice ratio of the two, leaning more towards lean cuts. The dry rub on the brisket provided hints of smokiness and heat making additional sauces unnecessary. The ribs were tender enough but lacked the charred exterior, or bark, that I prefer. They weren’t the best ribs I’ve had but better than what you’ll find at any of the chain restaurants around town.

Sides and dessert are their weak link. The mac and cheese, using shell pasta, was thick and gummy, while the cornbread was dry and crumbly. You’ll be reaching for a drink with every bite. The s’mores brownie seemed pedestrian — quality akin to a basic store bought brownie, topped with marshmallows and caramel sauce.

3 Stars

4115 S Grand Canyon Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 445-7764

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