Operated by a former Pink Box Donuts employee, you can see the similarities in this small shop off of Durango. Their menu is filled with basic donuts, cronuts, and gourmet donuts. Donut Mania is like the Guy Fieri of donut shops — with over the top flavors utilizing plenty of junk food ingredients like Oreos and candy bars to produce gluttonous creations that will satisfy any sweet tooth, but short on presentation as their execution can look somewhat ham-fisted.

Despite looking unrefined, the flavors are quite good. The Oreo cheesecake donut was exceedingly rich with it’s creamy cheesecake filling. The Nevadan, topped with toasted coconut and filled with a bavarian cream, was equally as good. For more restrained flavors, the lemon filled donut showcased a balance of tartness and sweetness topped with crushed graham crackers. Their versions of the cronut, called the crodough, wasn’t as successful with an interior not quite as airy and light as expected.

With some refinement I could see Donut Mania being one of the better spots in town to get your fried dough fix.

3 Stars

4460 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 227-6264


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