***Update: business closed***

When a restaurant’s two biggest issues are price and food, you’re in trouble. I never had the opportunity to dine at Stratta’s Michelin-starred restaurant at Wynn/Encore, but expected much from his new tapas place in Angelo Sosa’s former Poppy Den spot in Tivoli Village. Dinner for two was over $100, a bit much for the minuscule amount of food served. Some food is decent. There were a couple dishes that I would eat again, like the creamy, fondue-like baked monte enebro and the chocolate almond cake. I loved the alternating layers of soft, spongey cake and the layers of almond cream. But, the portion size of that $7 cake is much smaller than any buffet dessert or single serving dessert from a bakery. If you get four bites out of it consider yourself lucky.

As for the other food… I’d pass on the stringy, chewy pancetta-wrapped medal dates. The three meatballs that make up the albondigas dish were dry, but the sauce was pretty good. Sopping up the sauce with the accompanying toast was the best part. The quiche-like tortilla de patata had an almost rubbery egg exterior that was surprisingly difficult to cut through.

Add to that two cocktails that were pretty good and you have our whole dinner. Leaving underwhelmed and hungry, we can only imagine how soon this place will disappear like most other restaurants in Tivoli.

2.5 Stars

Tivoli Village
440 S Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 483-3555

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