I walked into this small kosher Israeli and Mediterranean spot near the corner of Ft. Apache and Sahara and a guy talking on his phone sitting at one of the tables got up and offered me a menu. I’m guessing he might be the owner? The same dude took my order. You get your money’s worth in quantity here. The falafel platter was huge! I walked out of there with two styrofoam containers full of stuff. The first was a baker’s dozen of small falafel and rice. In the second they give you your choice of salads and sides. The guy didn’t bother explaining how many the meal came with or if there was a limit. He just filled up the container as I pointed to three things, none of which were exceptional. The cucumber salad was bland, the hummus was thick and paste-like, and the red cabbage, with its hint of sweetness, was the best of the bunch. Even the falafel weren’t particularly memorable, except for a pronounced aftertaste that I quickly drowned out with beer when eating at home. I may have walked out with several pounds of food, but less than half was consumed.

2 Stars

2521 S Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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