I had such high hopes for this spot in Town Square. Named after the southern term for the liquid left behind after boiling greens such as collar, mustard and turnip greens, Flip Arbelaez and chef Doug Bell opened Pot Liquor just over a year ago. Unlike other barbecue places, this isn’t region specific, instead bringing the best from barbecue meccas Memphis, the Carolinas, Kansas City, and Texas under one roof. Awesome concept, right?

By now I had hoped that they would have perfected their craft. The menu sounds so good I was salivating reading it. I love the concept of a modern smokehouse. There’s so much potential for merging traditional Southern fare with dishes with a modern twist. At least the pork belly and country grits succeeded in doing so. A well caramelized, crispy exterior, rendered fat underneath, and tender meat below that made it an excellent dish that balanced sweet and savory.

Unfortunately, the other stuff I tried wasn’t as good. The mopped baby back ribs were not good at all. I liked the tangy sauce with hints of sweetness but the meat was anything but tender, as if cooked much earlier in the day and reheated for my order. I also wasn’t a fan of the cake-textured cornbread. The kale and cashew slaw was the lone saving grace to an otherwise awful platter.

There is a kids menu. My son ordered the chicken fingers, which were over salted. At least he liked the fries.

With so much promise, Pot Liquor was a let down with one of the biggest staples in barbecue. The uniqueness of this restaurant, and perhaps its strength, lies in the modern and creative appetizers. One can hope that the quality of its smoked proteins will improve to make this a restaurant worth visiting.

2 Stars

Town Square
6587 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 816-4600

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