Another decent AYCE spot. This one takes over the space formerly occupied by 808 Tapas in the plaza at the corner of Ft. Apache and Sahara. Hanabi has a fairly large menu with some items only available a la carte. Nigiri is the way to go here. The quality is pretty good for an AYCE place. Rolls on the other hand weren’t my favorite. Some, like the yellowtail special with cooked shrimp, jalapeño, cilantro, cucumber topped with yellowtail, ponzu, habanero, were too hot for my tastes. The Tiger roll (shrimp tempura, crab topped with spicy tuna with eel sauce) was the best of the bunch, the Mad Caterpillar (fresh water eel and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, spicy eel sauce) was decent, and the Crispy tuna scallion was not good with tuna that looked and tasted liked canned tuna. As a whole, the rolls seemed hastily crafted and lacked the precision of superior rolls found elsewhere.

2.5 Stars

9350 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 979-9411