***Update: business closed***

Quickly taking over the short lived Tapas, Alex Stratta may have come up with a concept with more staying power than its predecessor. Serving up classic American fare/southern comfort food, this new spot addresses Tapas’s two biggest issues: price and portion size. Entrees here are all under $20 and portions for not only entrees but for apps are large enough to satisfy most appetites. There is some overlap in concept to their neighbor a few doors down — Made LV — but this spot takes things farther down south for the bulk of their menu.

I dined at Salt ’n Pepper during their opening week and it was evident that they were still finding their way. Warm biscuits with honey butter were dense, thick and dry. Without asking, the kitchen sent out a second batch because they weren’t happy with the first that left the kitchen. It was good to see the chefs care that much, although the second round was too doughy for my liking.

They’ve got a kid’s menu, with 4 large crispy tenders that my kid loved and accompanied by thick cut fries.

Always a sucker for chicken ’n waffles, I had to try their version. With a drumstick and two thighs, the exterior of each was coated with a thin and crispy crust aggressively seasoned with pepper. Less successful was the soft and pliable sweet potato waffle that failed to hold up to the weight of the chicken. Topping it off was a maple syrup and an excellent hot sauce that had enough heat to stir up the palate without destroying it.

Both desserts sampled were traditional takes on classics — a red velvet cake and a pecan pie with bourbon sour cream.  The pair may not have pushed any culinary boundaries, but were executed well.

There are minor changes to the interior, but it looks similar to Tapas. Still, for a spot that’s seen Greek, Asian fusion, Spanish, and now Southern, the interior looks to be in good shape. With some fine tuning Salt ’n Pepper has the chance to last longer than any of those.

3 Stars

Tivoli Village
440 S Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 483-3555