Located in Downtown Summerlin, the restaurant is beautiful and modern inside. The space is sexy, inviting, and comforting and showed a lot more personality than the drab exterior, which does nothing to draw people in.

Sushi purists, this is not the place for you. This is Americanized sushi to the max, full of mayo and orgasm sauce covering many dishes and rolls on the menu. But, that doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I crave this type of bastardized Japanese the same way I occasionally crave a box of Kraft mac and cheese. I know it won’t be the best, but it feeds and satisfies the craving.

The spicy tuna sashimi ($11.95) is nicely plated with thin cuts of fish atop rice noodles, all covered in a light sauce. The tuna wasn’t bad, it exceeded my expectations which were low to begin with. The hamachi nigiri ($5.25) and the garlic ponzu tuna ($6.25) were slightly better than what you’d find at an all-you-can-eat joint.

Most rolls have ridiculous names and ridiculous amounts of ingredients and sauces. The massive “Put your hands up” was covered in tempura flakes and sauces like a snowpocolypse had just hit it. Each piece of the roll was so huge you’d have to be a porn star to fit it in your mouth. The Tiger roll was pretty good.  The Loca Special was my favorite roll of the night. While it was still crazy big, it was more manageable than the first one. As is common here, it was drowning in sauce to mask the freshness of the product, but it did its job — it satisfied my appetite.

If you’re just looking to stuff your face silly, you’re better off heading to an AYCE spot. Otherwise, this is a decent place to go to quench you hunger for oversauced Americanized sushi.

2.5 Stars

Downtown Summerlin
10965 Lavender Hill Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89135

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